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e-ID - Websites for Everyone

Do you need a cheap, functional and modern website?

e-ID, the latest creation of e-Maco, was developed aiming at the social inclusion of all companies, businesses, freelancers and individuals in the Internet World. In a very simple, fast and inexpensive way and offering cheap and functional websites we want to give everyone the possibility to indicate their existence in the World Wide Web.

The main goal of our project is to present every person and every company in the online world through a website construction and design. The website construction will present a particular company with its theme, localization of website owner, or industry and product offered through the insertion of a specific photographic visualization in a website background.

What is included in the net price of EUR 49?

- a website created for You
- domain (Internet address)
- server (space to place a website)
- e-mail (e-mail address)
- SEM optimization
- adding a website to Google
- VAT invoice

Substantive content will provide Internet users with the information about a company (or person), a brief presentation of offers and services, as well as contact to the website owner. This is a set of three main aspects which allow to exist in the global network. Taking into account the fact that not everyone can afford a standard website while a simple online business card is not always sufficient to present a given offer, e-Maco is proud to provide a solution that fully exploit the advantages of a standard website at a surprisingly low price. In addition, for everyone who gets a website from our e-ID project it is possible to expand its content in various ways, by adding a photo gallery, contact form, or even CMS which allows for a comprehensive website management.

The e-ID website whose total cost is equal to 49 EUR net worth, comprises of three micsrosites: homepage (f.e About us) and two subpages (f.e Our offer and Contact) and three kinds of background which can be changed in the right bottom corner by the use of 1, 2, 3 buttons. Every Internet user has the opportunity to change the background on one from three photos selected by the customer. Moreover, we do not limit our customers to these three photos which present a background – at any time and free of charge we can exchange any photo with a new one sent to us. Images can be exchanged free of charge once a month.

The main content of a website is displayed on the left side in order to bring out the background which is essential and recognizable element of each website. Color-scheme will be adjusted to the requirements of our clients while the sub-websites contain substantive content submitted to us. It is possible to add one or two small images to the text. The menu tab "Contact" contains necessary contact information as well as an interactive map with company location.

In you have your Facebook fun page and you want to connect it to your website, please enter the address of your fun page in your order form.

Cheap Websites

The e-ID project is an alternative to similar products available on the market which offer a cheap and easy to design do-it-yourself website. We have been working in the web design industry for several years and we know that the cheapest and easiest websites are at the same time expensive as well as hard to use for those not familiar with the web industry. Frequently, the industry experts are confused attempting to figure out the complex structure of boxes to be filled out and buttons to be pushed in order to create a website which must be paid at least once a month. e-ID debunks the stereotypes and offers its clients a website created with the use of newest technology for the one-time annual fee of EUR 49! Our goal is to make all Polish companies, institutions and individuals stand out in an increasingly cluttered market.

e-ID offers the cheapest and the most functional website!

What are the benefits of e-ID?

- You pay only EUR 49 per year
- Your website will be ready within 24 hours
- You can always expand your e-ID further
- e-ID meets all the criteria for the existence on the Internet
- Your website will be added to the Google index
- You will receive free e-ID updates

Do not be afraid!

- We do not bind our clients with any agreement for further years!
- We do not charge monthly fees for the website functioning!
- We do not charge any additional fees for hosting!
- We do not use any tricks!
- We do not expect our clients to "build" a website by themselves!

Websites created through our e-ID project are sufficient to indicate your existence in the Internet World. However, after some period of time our clients may want additional functionality of their existing websites (e.g. photo gallery, broader offer or contact form). Obviously, we allow you to expand your website; we present the prices of additional elements for your e-ID website. We take care of setting and downloading new elements and after 48 hours you are able to see the desired changes on your website.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our e-ID project:
Office: +48 62 590 79 08
Mobile: +48 661 502 311
We also offer custom website designs, portals and online stores designs – see: www.e-maco.com

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